Humanitarian beliefs are the ideas that we as humans have an inner self. These ideas have been popularized in post monotheism. Humanism is anchored into the beginning of disbelief in a higher power such as a God or gods. Until recent history, one was considered an outcast for having such beliefs, but today one is open to conjecture on the ideas which we now call humanism or individualism. Today we live in an era of self-conceited manipulated individuals, or narcissists. Although the idea was never meant to become what religion has become, Organized. Currently, we are debating on whether or not we do, have a true inner-self, but to understand individualistic beliefs we must first understand where humanism sprung to life now that we have the general idea of Humanism.


The term humanism comes from the Latin term Humanitas which correlated itself with the Greek philosophy of Philanthropy, the theory of this ancient philosophy is as simple as a love of humanity. To put others before oneself, One can find this philosophy imprinted into many religions, and modern professor’s ideology, though this philosophy didn’t modernize society until the late Bavarian educator Friedrich Immanuel Niethammer used it to exemplify his current teachings of classical curriculum or study of the Greco-Roman world in the German secondary schools of the 1800s.

Italian Renaissance Humanism

The Italian Renaissance popularized the popularity of the humanist philosophy. The reason for the popularization of humanism was the Italians interest in the study of old classical Greco-Roman cultures. The leader of this movement was Francesco Petrarch who believed that reviewing Greco-Roman cultures would be a guide for the future of humanity. Humanism was the first act for the modern man a self-thinking admirable high-class sort of man. Unfortunately, these aspects at the time were purely aimed towards men but we won’t discuss this at the current time. Unfortunately, Humanism lost control in Europe due to the tight hold which Christianity had on the population at the time.

Modern Outlook

The modern outlook of humanism is bleak at best considering that we allow technology and the state control much of our lives we may soon lose our “inner selves.” we may find that shortly we won’t much mind this state of mind. If we do indeed lose ourselves we may also allow the state more control and power over our lives. In the upcoming years, the State may be the least of our problems even if modern TV and movies tell us otherwise. The genuine fear should be in the A.I. systems we are producing. With the modern A.I. systems, we are creating programs to ensure that we may live forever and live in a state of complete bliss. The belief in a system with a dependency of advanced technology may be our demise. Unto recent years, we have had a problem with our increased narcissism we have stopped caring about anybody other than ourselves due to the same factor that may be our downfall. Technology, the fact that we now have a belief that we should follow our inner voices to determine our desires may be more dangerous than we intended. The population is starting to become considerably less intelligent and are at high risk of becoming unempathetic due to this theory that my goals and wishes are more important than everyone else’s.

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