A Monday, not much different from any other day but for Jordan it meant the world it was his chance to sublimate this heyday until now Jordan was no mere man but a wonderous dreamer. His dream as a child would be to present himself as a miraculous healer. Time though has a way of dissipating the desires of those who attempt refuge in purpose. Soon as Jordan grew he started to wonder if he had a mission if a man like him could make a change if, in a world of vagabonds and misfits, one could do anything. He slowly lost himself, but this Monday was going to change his superfluous introspection, this Monday he had boarded the train from the East end nearing downtown. This day would mark the first or an era in medical school. This day would also be his last day, so again this was not just any ordinary nine to five wasted kind of day. This Monday was the day that would flip the whole city upside down when a boy like Jordan could do something so sinister so indicative to his nature.

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