by Tyler Blake

I long for a mind of my own where no characters control me like a creature; the directors are ready to assemble an army of mind manipulated actors of a world long twisted by those who have come to pass. Those who “know” adequately of my mind, my way, decide my outcome by a pen’s stroke on a paper. I bid you farewell, aristocracy this by far is no limit for me but a split end to repair. I walk the streets and observe followers of “the new agenda” marching proud that they have fallen under the curse of the wicked scholarly puppeteers. “I ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country” (John F. Kennedy) we now live in an age of blind combatants ready to battle the world on a stage. Once a man of honor gave us the voice, now we sit under and gaze as a man plays his “Apprentice” without a trace. We do not stand, we sit and wait; we wait for others to do for we have lost faith. Lost faith in our scholarly fathers, in our country who retires and crumbles, this is why I say farewell and see you later! -Peter Moum

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