Rebel Scum

The societal minds do not define me.
The idea to stand in line as a mind drills my rationalization into a continuation, that becomes nothing more than a replica. Pish posh I will not endure such pain.
I fight and flee, one moment I battle, the next I retreat.
Only a few see how I see, and we are nothing more than rejects and scum.
I may not hold a title, but at the end, I am me and not who they say I must be.
I dare not be a part of this world’s problems but the solution to a world gone mad.
I stand, I fight, I am the rebel with a cause a human being who has come alive woken up from a coma of life’s most prominent and undeniable snare: Conformity.
I ask not for respect, for rebels we love; we live; we have learned to face our fears. -Peter Moum

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