He sat in silence contemplating life’s eternal sunshine and the dwindling light of his unrelenting heart one beat after the other. Thinking to himself how explicit a feeling such as happiness, once accepted how quickly he might fail to appreciate the glimmering sunshine. He speaks, but no words penetrate the silence, he screams yet no one listens. He is life’s modest man, an honest man, a broken man. A day which started merely by the revelation of the penetrating the silence with the realization of how insignificant a man like his has become, The silence becomes unbearable and drastic measures must be taken. He takes action by reading and learning. He learns that most ideas, theories, and philosophy is nothing but crooks tale to the lost. We all live and die he thinks. The next moment he comes to himself staring out the window of the distinct local establishment on that cold winters night. He recollects on past experiences and realizes how few will know of him, who he is, and who he was. He desires to be heard. Thy screams don’t unwind the strongest of minds. I am an old chained intruder, this life of mine does not fit my honest mind. I am weak, and I bear witness this time of change, but I no longer pretend this mantra of life. He stands, pays, and heads for life’s inevitable demise.

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