The World’s Fucked

The moment starts when we wake to an alarm, our most vulnerable time, when we awaken to nothing, we have nothing, and the day is only received with doubt. Doubt whether we will accomplish anything or if like every other day we spend it sleepwalking. How does one change life’s perspective in the ever growing loneliness we feel flashing before our eyes as if it’s the headlights of the freight train that you’ve been wondering whether or not to jump in front of will relieve you of the pain that seeps, spills into every area of your monotone life? As if the only way for enlightenment to your ostentatious view upon reality is consider the possibility of fate and whether or not you’re just fucked in your existence in humankind. The better option is to believe that life is only chaos and we all wander aimless little lives. , We could concede to the insignificance of the world. You and I, we find that poetic, we find the mystery of the unknown terrifying but enlightening. To leave this world of people who “have” discovered the existence of the entire human mind by going on diets or exercising like that will help my psychotic rage of self-inflicting pain that numbs the screams for the time being, how the hell is the keto diet going to help people like us? People who are swallowed up by self-doubts and insecurities that control our entire existence to the core of our being.

“what you seek is seeking you” -Rumi

The facts are here, and today there is a movement of people becoming more and more self diaganosiably narcissistic. The world is becoming more and more unchangeable to mass destruction created from our egotistical desires we are unable to find people that are caring enough to save the very planet we live on, what the fuck, are we so naive to pretend or does the believers of Monotheism believe that someone will save us from this catastrophe. That someone will come down and make the world new again, I’m sorry, but I refuse to put the power of what is capable in something so ignorant. We’re fucked if we believe that. The world is melting around us, and I feel it squeezing the essence of my belief in good. We vote for people that have no clue how to change this and ignore the fact that something so devastating will destroy us; instead, we focus on the world relevant to ourselves that of celebrity relationships and how I can feel good, it’s alway I…I…I. Fuck you! I’m alone, you’re alone, we’re all alone, but if we don’t choose to fight, we might as well jump in front of that freight train. We can make a change if we want, the desire is here the capabilities are here. We are the change the unmistakeable constitutive people of power. This week I aim you to think of what it is that you can do for change, change for others, change for the assholes who still don’t believe in the decay and death surrounding us. Our time is now let’s stand together and make the change possible.

The change starts in our local communities but as we rise we must face the problem more distinctively. More this week we will dive into how we can make the change needed the plan is here we need to make it a reality.

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